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Geneva Resort
2130 West 600 South in Lindon

The Geneva Resort was a favorite gathering place for young and old alike, not only from Utah Valley but from Salt Lake Valley as well. Captain John Dallin, who named the resort in honor of his daughter Geneva, began building it in 1890 and did not waste time getting it into operation. Dallin constructed a boat harbor, dug wells, and built a splendid dance pavilion, a hotel, and concession stands.

In 1907 the resort was upgraded to include picnic areas and baseball diamonds. Ferry boat rides and dances were held every Saturday night. The pavillion had open walls, with a space of about five feet between the walls and roof, and the dance floor was built on big springs.

Flowing wells filled two pools with clear water, one cold and one heated by a big boiler. Ball games were played on Saturday afternoons by teams from surrounding towns. In the concession stands you could buy a hamburger for ten cents or root beer for five cents, and you could go swimming for twenty cents. Families would spend vacations at the resort even if they lived only a few miles away.

Many owners have come and gone and the building is now only a memory, but the times that families and friends spent here will never be forgotten.

A giant toboggan slide, built in the 1920s, was one of many lakeside attractions at the Geneva Resort.