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Maple Mountain is above Mapleton and Spanish Fork, I grew up in Mapleton and hiked that mountain more times that I could count or remember.    It’s a gorgeous hike but a longer one, there’s a nice pond we call Maple Lake when you’re most of the way up and it’s a great place to stop for a while before finishing.

The trail starts at the top of Whiting Campground, a quarter-mile after that you cross the creek to take trail 007 and can’t miss it from there.
I’ve had the hike take 12 hours up and back many times including time to play in the lake and catch salamanders but when hurrying and when in Shape I’ve gone up in 2 hours and come back down about that quick.

There’s plenty of wildlife and scenery and amazing views of the valley from the saddle (after the lake and before the top.)

Growing up in Mapleton everyone I knew called it Maple Mountain, the same with those in Springville – but over in Spanish Fork I found out that most people called it Flonette.  We also called it Sierra Bonita (Beautiful Mountain) regularly.    The debate continues because the SF people insist it is Flonette and other insist Maple Mtn.    Local landmarks, schools, businesses and such are named for both Maple Mountain and Flonette so trying to use that as “proof” is futile and trying to look to real or official maps doesn’t work because all I’ve seen just identify the peak as Spanish Fork Peak but do not name the mountain.  I’ve also heard that in the 50’s and 60’s it was mostly called Front Mountain.

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