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Undoubtedly the most well known monument in Salt Lake City, it sits at the base reference point for the original plat map and the current address numbering system.

In Honor Of Brigham Young and The Pioneers

On the reverse is a plaque that names the entire complement of the original party:

The names of the PIONEERS who arrived in this valley, July 24, 1847.
*Signifies those now living. The unmarked ones are all deceased.The names of 143 men (including 3 colored servants), 3 women, and 2 children.
27 of those listed are marked as still among the living at time of dedication, 50 years to the day from the initial arrival in the valley.
The entire company and outfit consisted of 143 men, 3 women, 2 children
70 wagons, 1 boat, 1 cannon, 93 horses, 52 mules, 66 oxen, 19 cows.
This monument erected by public subscription. Was unveiled July 24, 1897.

The monument is topped by Brigham Young himself, flanked at a lower level by a frontiersman and a native American. These figures represent those who precede the Pioneers in the valley and gave the immigrants invaluable aid in settling the valley. The monument is faced with a plaque showing a Mormon family going about routine duties during the trek west.

The artist was Cyrus Dallin.