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Up exploring Tie Fork, off Spanish Fork Canyon with Brian Walker.  We were going for a geocache our friend Russ had hidden.

We went against the Russ’s advice thinking we found a better way (and we still think we did ) but had a couple of obstacles along the way…

The first was those silly beavers who built their pond right at a road crossing, it looked a lot deeper then it was and scared us off at first until we decided to really check by wading out into it, it turned out to be okay and we drove through it.

The main problem was when the road became a 4-wheeler trail we kept going, and kept going and going as it got narrower and narrower, we finally came around a corner and stopped because it got really really narrow, but the thing is, where we stopped we were tilted to the left pretty bad and sliding down further every time we tried to move forward or backwards… and with too much sliding we would end up rolling off the side and all the way down to the river below.

We got out and tried to figure a way out of what I had gotten us into, I really didn’t want to roll my Jeep down a mountain and was very worried. For some reason ( maybe just to help us… ) there was a top shell of an iProvo truck in the creek there… we got 2×4’s and plywood from it, some dead trees and rocks, some dirt dug up using an Ammo Can for a shovel.

THE SPIRIT OF MACGYVER LIVES ON is what Brian said when we got our makeshift road built out of wood and rocks and then it was time to drive on it and hope we built it strong enough, well… we did. All is well.

We hiked the 2 miles from there to the cache and WOW… what an amazing place, I’ve never seen anything like it before! The pictures do not give it justice at all.

We saw elk, we saw bear scat, and we enjoyed a nice 4 mile round trip hike on a beautiful day.