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Eagle Gate

“The Eagle Gate was erected in 1859, Hiram B. Clawson, designer; Ralph Ramsay and William Bell, carvers. It formed a part of a cobble stone wall, 8 feet high and 500 rods long, which surrounded the grounds of President Brigham Young and was built by him as a protection against Indians, and to furnish labor to the unemployed. Torn down in 1890 to widen the street and to permit the passage of electric cars. Rebuilt in 1891.”

When the Eagle Gate was reconstructed and dedicated October 5, 1891, a treasure box was sealed in the granite base containing newspapers, photographic views, personal cards and a copper plate engraved by David McKenzie, Containing the paragraph quoted above.

The 16 foot wooden eagle, weighing 500 pounds, the beehive and four-way wooden supports were placed in March 1859, over the original gate way, leading to City Creek Canyon and the private grounds of Brigham Young, Governor of Utah.

At the time of reconstruction the original wooden eagle was sent to Chicago, Electroplated with copper and replaced over the present gate.

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