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Location:  905 Orchard Drive (corner Orchard Dr. and Mill St.), Bountiful, Utah

Markers at this location:

The Heber C. Kimball Gristmill, the foundation of which can be seen just east of this monument, was in operation from 1852 until 1892, using these burr-type gristmill stones. When the use of roller mills was introduced, mills of this type were no longer used.

The South Davis Chapter, Sons of Utah Pioneers, formerly owned the property this mill was located on. In 1984, it was sold to Davis County, who, in cooperation with Bountiful City, constructed a debris catch basin on the site. During the excavation of the basin site, these two original gristmill stones were uncovered and found to be in remarkably good condition after all these intervening years.

Permission was granted the South Davis Chapter, Sons of Utah Pioneers to construct this monument so as to complement and enhance the Daughters of Utah Pioneers replica of the old mill, and their monument, located just to the right of this monument. Thanks is given to all who had a hand in making this effort a reality and being able to bring back a few memories of our Pioneer Ancestors.

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