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Cameron (Orinally Tanner’s Crossing)

Named for one of Arizona’s first U.S. Senators. A pioneer in development of trails and copper mines in Grand Canyon. Near here was the site of Tanner’s Crossing of the Little Colorado River on The Mormon Trail from Utah via Lee Ferry to settlements in Arizona and Mexico.

n 1911, a sway-back, one-track suspension bridge was erected over a gorge of the Little Colorado on the edge of Navajo and Hopi country. Hubert and C.D. Richardson built a small trading post there in 1916.
Designer – Midland Steel Co.
Location – Cameron, Arizona, USA
Date – 1911
Building Type – Transportation
Construction System – Concrete, Steel, Aluminum
Architectural Style – Suspension-truss hybrid
Street Address – Carries US 89 over the Little Colorado River
Notes – also known as Cameron Bridge;Little Colorado River Bridge