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Build c. 1894, the Ernest and Sadie Cushing home is a one-story crosswing type Victorian style house.  The front porch was apparently added or changed in the 1930s, perhaps at the same time as the c.1933 brick rear addition.  A wood frame addition was built c.1960 A c.1910 storage building is located north and easy of the non-historic garage.

According to family histories, Ernest had saved enough money to have the house built, purchase a horse and buggy, and allow Sadie to pick out furniture, all before they were married.  Ernest’s grandfather, James Cushing, lived next door, and across the street lived his parents.  There were so many Cushings on Pioneer Avenue it was often referred to as “Cushing Avenue.”

The above text is from the plaque on the home, placed in 1996. The home is located at 60 East Pioneer Avenue in the historic sandy area of Sandy, Utah