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Choosing the Site of Provo’s First Tabernacle Caused Some Controversy.IMG_20170912_183503-EFFECTS

Rock Canyon Park is the largest park in Provo (for other parks in Provo click here). Located at the base of the mountains and above the Provo LDS temple, Rock Canyon Park is also one of the most beautiful parks. Perfect for large events and family reunions; there is a large open bowl area that can be used to accommodate several activities at one time.(*)

There is a Gold Medal Mile here:

There are many historic plaques describing parts of Provo’s history including:

Proctor Academy Helped Educate Provo’s Youth.

Provo Had a “Pest House” for Those with Communicable Diseases.

Provo’s North Park had a Community Ice Skating Rink in the 1930s.

Carp Not Native to Utah Lake; Introduced in 1882.

Creating the “Y” on the Mountain.

Provo’s Two Oldest Existing Homes Are Neighbors in Pioneer Village.

Provo’s First Tithing Office was South of Provo’s Town Square, Now Pioneer Park.

Utah Territory’s Deseret Telegraph Line Connected Provo to the Rest of Utah.

Several Brick Manufacturing Companies Once Operated in Provo.

Army Troops Caused the “Provo Riot” in 1870.

Provo’s First Bank was Late in Coming but Didn’t Last Long.

Choosing the Site of Provo’s First Tabernacle Caused Some Controversy.