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In 1886 a “tithing yard” was established in Riverton on land purchased from Samuel L. Howard. Located on the brow of the bench (1150 West 12400 South) and sloping down the bank towards the river, the site was locally designated “Tithing Yard Hill”. Faithful Mormon Church members brought their tithed increase in produce, livestock, poultry, grains, and other farm products to this collection site.

A locally situated “tithing yard” was a real convenience for the farmers. On the bench ground, there was an office building, weigh scales, a small granary, a large root cellar, haystacks, feed managers, and a barn. Cattle yards and pastures sloped to the river. Freeman R. Lloyd was the first supervisor of the Tithing Yard. Others who operated the “yard” included George W. Bills, George William, and Nevada Butterfield. Thomas B. Lloyd, a son of Freeman, wrote about the operation of the Tithing Yard:

“We fed sheep, hogs, chicken & etc. that was turned in on tithing. When the cattle & sheep & etc. were fat, they were driven to the Church farm at old 13th South & 1st West, Now 27th South. I spent many a day, trailing cattle and sheep to the Church farm. There they were butchered and sold and the money turned over to the general authorities of the Church”

The Tithing Yard discontinued operation in 1913.

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