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Pleasant Grove’s First Fire Station

Pleasant Grove‘s Fire Department was first organized in 1906.  A hand drawn hose cart with 300 feet of hose, and one nozzle was purchased from ZCMI for the price of $210.75.  After unsuccessfully recruiting citizens to man the hose cart, the city council appointed Josiah “Si” Kemp on February 21, 1910 to oversee the Fire Department with Hans Williamson, Assistant Fire Chief, and Henry Jeppson, Chris Williamson, Anton Hecker, Clarence Christiansen and Ole Christiansen as charter firemen.  In 1910, three chemical fire extinguishers, and an up-to-date nozzle were purchased and the original hose cart was reconstructed to carry these new items.   In 1912 Chief Kemp recommended to the City Fathers that the hose cart be moved from a warehouse to a more convenient location.  The City Council approved construction of the fire station in 1912, and directed that it be built near the city hall.  Two years later the city purchased the Old Bell School from the Pleasant Grove School District.  The south door of the building was enlarged so the fire fighting apparatus could be stored in the old school.  The school bell was rung to summon firemen.  On October 19, 1914 the City declared the building surplus and sold it to Chris and Delilah Fugal, The Fugals moved this little fire station to their property and used it as a storage shed for the next 85 years.  Mary Fugal Howes, daughter of Chris and Delilah Fugal, donated the little fire station to the Pleasant Grove Fire Department, and in 1999, members of the Pleasant Grove Fore Department transported it to their facility for restoration.  Fireman Lyman Smith spent many hours restoring the original wood to exact historic specifications.  After restoration, this little fire station was placed in Pioneer Park near it’s original site.

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