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Civil War Skirmish at Pleasant Grove 12 April 1863

Not all Federal Troops fought Confederates during the Civil War. Some were posted in the West to protect Union interests. Battles and skirmishes in the West were considered part of the Civil War. *

Col. Patrick Conner and the 3rd Reg. California Volunteer Infantry were sent to Utah in 1862, to protect mail routes, telegraph lines, travelers and to watch the Mormons. They established Camp Douglas, now Fort Douglas, in Salt Lake City. Indians started attacking the Overland Stage Route. In April of 1863, as events escalated, troops were sent to find the hostile Indians. They had skirmishes with Indians near Cedar Fort and in Spanish Fork Canyon. A squad of gunners with a howitzer, under Lt. Honeyman, was dispatched from Camp Douglas.

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They reached Pleasant Grove 11 April 1863. The morning of the 12th, Ute Indians used the walls of the Pleasant Grove Fort to sneak up on the soldiers and attack them. The gunners took refuge in the Green’s home outside the fort. The family was allowed to leave but realized that the baby was still in the home. Because the family had been on good terms with the Utes, they stopped firing to allow Mrs. Green to retrieve the baby. During the fighting the gunners fired the howitzer only to kill mules and damage property. The skirmish ended at 8 p.m. when the Utes left, stealing the remaining mules. No soldiers were killed. It is unknown if any Utes died. Estimated damage to the home was $1000. The Cavalry arrived in Pleasant Grove on the 13th. They followed the Ute trail to Spanish Fork Canyon, and with the soldiers already there routed the combined Indian forces.

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An old monument, at what is thought to be the site of the John and Sarah Green home, can be found 3 blocks south of this location. It is best reached by walking along the east sidewalk on 100 East.

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Pioneer home of John and Sarah Green where much of the skirmish between Federal Troops and Utes took place.

Erected 2017 Eagle Scout Service Project: Ethan Adamson BSA Troop 1182 With the Timpanogos Chapter Sons of the Utah Pioneers Thanks to the City of Pleasant Grove

This is S.U.P. Marker #246 – For other S.U.P. Markers visit this page.

This is located in Pioneer Park in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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* A book listing Battles and Skirmishes of the War Of The Rebellion (Civil War) was compiled from official records by Newton A. Strait and was used by the Department of the Interior Bureau of Pensions. The Pleasant Grove skirmish is listed in this book.