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Wheeler Historic Farm Park

One of Salt Lake County’s Parks, located in Murray at 6351 S 900 E.

The Henry J. Wheeler farm is one of the few remaining turn-of-the-Century
farmsteads in the Salt Lake Valley that has not been lost to the expanding
housing developments of metropolitan Salt Lake City.

The farm was established by Henry J, feeler, the third son of English
converts who journeyed to Utah in 1352 as converts to the Mormon Church,
Born February 18, 1866, Henry grew up on his father’s farm in the South
Cottonwood area, In 1886, at the age of twenty, he married Sariah Pixton
and established his own farm in the vicinity of his father’s farm. The
present brick home and several outbuildings were constructed in 1898 by
Sid Gills and Hans Yorgensen, A Mr. Hayes, employed by the Sugar House
Lumber Company, was the carpenter for the interior woodwork. The home,
according to the 1902 publication, Biographical Record of Salt Lake City
and Vicinity, “…was planned by Mrs. Wheeler and reflects great credit upon her knowledge of architecture, as it is not only homelike and convenient,
but one of the prettiest little farm houses to be found in the county.”

The seventy-five acre farm is now owned by the Salt Lake County
Recreation Department, who plan to develop the site as an early 1900
farmstead as a recreational and educational center for Salt Lake Valley’s
school children.

The farm, with its horde, outbuildings, corrals, fields,, wooded areas and stream, remains as the best preserved example of an 1890-1910 farmstead
in Utah’s most populated county.


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