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Utah Light & Railway Company

In 1911, Utah Light and Railway Company constructed this power distribution substation on the present site.  The building was the finest of its kind for the times and cost in excess of $20,000.00.

The southeast substation became one of six distribution transformer stations in the Utah Light and Railway (later Utah Light and Traction Company) power system, all of which were leased in 1915 to Utah Power and Light Company, which had been organized three years earlier for the purpose of consolidating the numerous small independent electric companies then operating in Utah.   Utah Power and Light Company subsequently utilized the southeast substation as the tie-in point at which the system of Provo-based Knight Consolidated Power Company was integrated with that of Utah Light and traction Company.

The southeast substation by the 1930’s was the largest such facility in the Utah Light and traction portion of Utah Power and Light’s distribution system.

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