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Charles and Fannie Anderson House

Charles and Fannie Anderson house, built c. 1914, is an excellent example of the bungalow style as constricted in Sandy by a local builder, August Nelson.  This house appears to be a hybrid of the two popular styles used by bungalow builders: the Prairie School and the Arts and Crafts styles.  It is the only brick bungalow among the turn-of-the-century homes on Locust Street.

The Anderson house is located on the property that was first patented in February 1874 to Fannie’s father, Thomas Allsop, an early settler who homesteaded the eastern half of Sandy.  A portion of the property was deeded to Charles Anderson through the Allsop estate in September 1909.  The house and property were later deeded to Wallace Anderson, a son of Charles and Fannie, who was a farmer in Sandy his entire life.  His wife, Clara, served as the Sandy City Recorder from 1948 to 1950.

The above text is from the plaque on the home, placed in 2000. The home is located at 498 East Locust Street in the historic sandy area of Sandy, Utah

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