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Boston and Newhouse Buildings

These twin buildings in downtown Salt Lake City really stand out to me.  They were Utah’s first skyscrapers and were built by one of the state’s wealthiest mining magnates, Samuel Newhouse.

The buildings are located at 9 E Exchange Place (Boston) and 10 E Exchange Place (Newhouse) in Salt Lake.

This is part of the Exchange Place Historic District.

They were part of the attempt to have a “Wall Street” in the western states with other buildings like the Newhouse Realty Building, the Commercial Club Building, the Salt Lake Stock & Mining Exchange and Hotel Plandome.

The Boston and Newhouse Buildings
1907-1909, Henry Ives Cobb

Mining Magnate Samuel Newhouse began his south downtown empire by financing the construction of these two buildings.

Newhouse intended to construct a similar pair of buildings at the east end of Exchange Place, but went bankrupt before he could undertake this project.

The Boston and Newhouse Buildings are considered Utah’s first “skyscrapers.” Attempting to bring some of the sophistication and prestige of the East to Salt Lake City, Newhouse hired famous Chicago/New York architect Henry Ives Cobb to design these towers.

Take a moment to look at the elaborate stone ornamentation on these buildings from the west side of Main Street.