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Historical Wilcox Cabin

“On March 4, 1905 we moved to Syracuse with all our possessions laoded in an old iron tired wagon. Our furniture consisted of a new bedstead and dresser, and our other household needs. A cupboard, table, chairs, and kitchen stove were all hand-me-downs given by our parents. These we unloaded in our first home- a one room log house, built by a pioneer of Farmington, and later moved to Syracuse. In these very humble and unpretentious circumstances we were very happy.”

(Taken from the diary of William H. Wilcox)

William and Emily had 10 children, eight boys and two girls, two of which were born in their little log home. William’s father, James Henry Wilcox deeded this sweet little home to him along with the 160-acre farm that he purchased from Christopher Layton on May 20, 1885 for $1,800. William and Emily lived in the little log home until 1911.

Their Children are:
David H. and Ann Burnett Wilcox
Harold and Thelma Walker Wilcox
Mary Wilcox and William P. Miller
Myron L. and Jean Thurgood Wilcox
Louise Wilcox and M. Warren. Johnson
Hugh B. Wilcox, Wanda Stoker and Nell Balmforth
Elmer W. & Laura Fullmer Wilcox
Lynn J. and Bernice Criddle Wilcox
Darvil O. and Deane Buchanan Wilcox
Ben E. Wilcox (Our Tithing Boy)


Other families of Syracuse that lived in this little log home were:
An Argyle Family
The Will Thurgood Family 1901-1902
The James Barber Family 1902-1905


Milton and Joyce Wilcox donated this sweet little log home to our museum grounds. Because of Milt’s foresight and dedication in restoring this log home in 1972 we are able to understand and enjoy the beauty and sacrifice of some of Syracuse’s early pioneers.

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