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Fugal Blacksmith Shop

The Fugal Blacksmith Shop is one of the few remaining commercial blacksmith shops in Utah.  Brothers Christian, Jens, and Niels Fugal began constructing the building in 1897 and completed it in 1903.  Progress was delayed by the departure of Jens and Niels on two-year missions for the LDS Church.  This new building replaced their smaller frame blacksmith shop located to the southeast (now demolished).

Blacksmith shops were important components of every Utah town.  They provided horseshoes, wagon wheels, nails and other metal implements, in addition to repairing and sharpening farm machinery and tools.  The Fugals developed other businesses as well, including the plumbing and contracting businesses in which Jens and Niels eventually specialized.  By 1929, Chris was sole proprietor of the blacksmith shop.  It was the only remaining shop in town at that time.  Chris felt he had a natural aptitude for blacksmithing, and his skill and inventiveness were widely known and recognized.  He continued his trade until just three weeks before his death in 1962.  Many of the tools and equipment he used are still in the shop and in operable condition.

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