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Summit County Sheriff’s Office

This one-story frame commercial structure was built in 1905 for use as the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.  Because the county sheriff was not based in Park City the office was not often used.  In the 1940s Sheriff George Fisher installed a large safe on the premises.  Since only Fisher knew the combination, the safe remained unopened for several decades.

In the 1960s Summit County gave use of the building to park City, which turned it into a small museum of local history.  The dilapidated facade was painted and repaired by the Kiwanis Club.  It was used as a Chamber of Commerce office in the mid-1970s, then abandoned for several years.  Ownership has recently passed to private hands, and the building was converted to a card and gift shop in 1983.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Located on historic Park City Main Street in Park City, Utah.

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