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This historic marker is located in front of the US Bank building at 170 S Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.

On this corner, in 1865, the four immigrant Walker brothers, (Samuel, David, Joseph, and Matthew) built the first permanent home for their Walker Brothers Dry Goods retail and wholesale store.

A large iron safe at the back of the original store led these brothers into the banking business when it became a depository for the gold dust, coins and other valuables of the early settlers.

According to legend, receipts were never exchanged. The word of the Walker Brothers was good enough for the early pioneers.

From these humble beginnings, the retail store which became a bank, is today First Interstate Bank.

Across the street to the east is the Walker Center with the iconic Walker Tower on the top, changing lighting colors based on the weather.

In 1850, the Matthew Walker family left England for the promise of a better life in America. The tortuous ocean voyage and cross-country trek claimed the loves of Matthew and two of his daughters. His wife Mercy and four young sons survived, arriving by wagon in the Salt Lake Valley in 1852.

The Walker Brothers earned a reputation as enterprising young salesmen. When Johnston’s Army was recalled by President Lincoln to fight the Civil War, the Walker brothers bouht enouhg of their supplies to form a wholesale and retail store – Walker Brothers.

Since 1859, the Walker brothers had maintained a bank within the store, one of the first banks established West of the Mississippi. It was formally chartered in 1871 as Walker Brothers Bank. The bank then became Walker Bank & Trust Company in 1931, and in 1981 First Interstate Bank.