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Constructed in 1890 for Vashi and Agnes Pease, this house is a good example of a Victorian Eclectic home. Mr. Pease worked as a U.S. Mail contractor in Salt Lake City until 1908, when he retired and moved to San Francisco. After Mr. Pease’s death in 1913, Agnes Pease continued to own this property as a rental until 1925. Then the house was sold to Charles and Rose Turton, the proprietor’s of the Lion Drug Store located at 564 Third Avenue.

The home is of an L-shaped cross-wing Victorian. It retains its historic integrity, featuring the bay window, cornice finishes, a mansard roof, and an old style transom above the front door. other original features of the house include original window glass, front porch, and an attractive inlaid ceramic tile mantelpiece. This home is a contributing structure to the Avenues Historic District.

Located in the Avenues Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah.