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The White Meeting House
Daughters of Utah Pioneers Marker #587

The White Meeting House stood on this site from 1856-1927. It was built just six years after the settlement of Springville, constructed of adobe, and first used as a school. Once the city was divided into four wards, the school was remodeled and expanded into a beautiful Latter-day Saint meetinghouse.

The White Meeting House was a cherished landmark used primarily for religious services. The addition of a stage and three upper seating galleries increased the seating capacity to 500, making it the location of many social and community functions as well. Notable speakers addressed the audience from its pulpit, including Brigham Young and other presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints up to Heber J. Grant.

The White Meeting House stood as a monument to pioneer skill, craftsmanship and good taste for over 70 years, undergoing several major remodeling efforts until it was finally demolished in 1927.

On September 18, 1937 a marker was installed which read: “Site of the First L.D.S. Meeting House, A.D. 1856. This Marker Erected by Sons & Daughters of Springville Pioneers.” The marker was removed in 2010 when the Springville Public Library was built.

This marker was dedicated September 19, 2020, on Springville’s 170th birthday by the Springville/Mapleton Company of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.


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