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City Hall

Local carpenters and stonemasons constructed this building in 1893 to serve as a civic meeting hall. It was also used as a schoolhouse until the big school was opened in 1900. The simple forms, symmetrical facade, and Greek Revival style cornice are typical of nineteenth-century civic buildings in Utah. The building served as the city hall until 1988.

Located at 46 North Main Street in Spring City, Utah.

This is one of the few surviving vernacular civic buildings remaining in Sanpete County. Built in 1893 of oolitic limestone it is a temple form building with Greek Revival influence complete with a bell tower. The builders included masons: Jens D. Carlson (1848-1927), Jens. J. Sorensen , John F. Bohlin (1844-1924), and carpenters: William Downard and Marinus Mortensen. The building was used as a schoolhouse until 1900 when the large public school was opened. Two municipal bands used it as a practice hall. It served as the city hall until 1988 when this function was moved to the old Junior high school. It is now the D. U. P. Museum. Behind the building is an old jailhouse.*