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Burnt Station
300 Feet West
Pony Express – 1860-61
St. Joseph, Missouri – Sacramento, California
Overland Stage 1858-1868
Established April, 1859 as an Overland Stage Station. Used later by Pony Express.
It was burned and pillaged twice by Indians who killed five keepers and riders, and two soldiers. Rebuilt on this site May, 1861, and on the ridge south of Overland Canyon in 1864.

This monument was constructed by enrollees, U. S. Grazing Division, C. C. C. Camp 116, Company 2529 on August 23, 1940 and sponsored by the Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association (#94 of their monuments) it was later adopted by the Sons of Utah Pioneers (#238 of their monuments) and rededicated in 2017.