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Goblin Valley is a great place to hike around and marvel at the eminent features, mainly thousands of hoodoos and hoodoo rocks, which are formations of mushroom-shaped rock pinnacles, some as high as several meters. The distinct shape of these rocks comes from an erosion-resistant layer of rock atop softer sandstone.

Goblin Valley is in a secluded area. So it wasn’t discovered until some cowboys stumbled upon it looking for cattle. In the late 1920’s, the owner of the Hite Ferry on the Colorado River – Arthur Chaffin – and two colleagues were exploring the area for alternate routes.

Discovering a vantage point just west of what is now Goblin Valley, they were blown away by what they saw. A valley of rock formations in alien shapes. And five buttes. All enclosed by weather-sculpted cliffs.

Many years later – in 1949 – Chaffin returned to the area. He called it Mushroom Valley. This time, he explored this wondrous valley in detail. Taking many photographs of the numerous goblins created by centuries of nature’s handiwork.

Click here for some photos from a trip to the area in 2011.