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The first settlement of Price began in 1877 when Caleb B. Rhodes and Abraham Powell arrived here. Two years later a number of Latter-day Saints and their families strengthened the settlement. A branch of the Church was organized in 1881, and in 1882, George Frandsen became Bishop with Erastus W. McIntire and Caleb Rhodes counselors. In 1884 logs were taken from Miller’s Creek and a meetinghouse erected on this block, 24x40x12 feet, with three windows on each side and double doors in front. The first service was held April 13, 1884. The building was used for Church, schools, opera, amusement and a Court House.

The rocks used in the monument are from every county in the state and the four corner stones at the top are from the corners of the state of Utah. Stones also came from Nevada, California and Idaho. The local Primary children were tasked with collecting the rocks and adding them to the structure. It was dedicated on July 24, 1954 to commemorate the first LDS meeting house in Price which was also used for school, operas, amusements and court house. (Thanks Dennis Udink for pointing out this facebook post to learn more about this monument!)

This is Daughters of Utah Pioneers historic marker #197 located at 195 East Main Street in Price, Utah