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Settlers of the Utah Lake area, attracted by its sandy beaches, built resorts which provided dancing, boating, swimming and picnicing. The earliest sites and their proprietors were:

  • “Woodbury Park” Pleasant Grove 1880, B.W. Driggs Jr.,
  • “Old Lake”, first called “Snail Island”, Provo 1883, Don H. Corry and R.H. Dodd;
  • Geneva“, Orem 1888, John Dallin;
  • Lincoln Beach“, 1892, John Hallett;
  • “American Fork”, 1892, Chas. Roberts & Samuel Dean;
  • “Murdock”, Lehi 1894, George Murdock.
  • “Saratoga”, a warm spring resort near the lake west of Lehi was built in the late 1860’s by John Beck, and is still in operation in 1970.


  • D.U.P. Historic Markers

A newspaper ad published in The Daily Enquirer on June 14, 1897. The Provo Lake resort opened in the 1890s west of what is now the Provo Municipal Airport and operated until it was flooded by a rising lake in 1918.