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Iron ore having been discovered at Iron Springs, Brigham Young called missionaries to Iron County to make iron. A militia of 35 men was organized in Parowan, Nov. 5, 1851, under Captain Henry Lunt. Part of the company left Nov. 10th in 11 wagons and camped overnight in Summit Creek. Late in the afternoon of Nov. 11th, after driving in a snowstorm, they took refuge in the cove of this knoll. They set their wagon boxes on the ground in a line, protected them with brush enclosures, and began building a stockade. Within two weeks, the remainder of the company arrived. They lived in the encampment throughout the winter, made many explorations and preparations necessary to manufacture iron, built a fort and homes on the Wm. H. Dame survey to the west of the knoll and moved there April 1852. Other contingents of hand-picked immigrants were called periodically from England, Scotland and Wales to assist them.


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