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Plaque A: ANDERSON TOWER…Photograph 1884 1932 SUP Site #53


Anderson Tower was built in 1884 by Robert R. Anderson (1848-1935), a pioneer of 1867 and one of the original settlers on the north bench of Salt Lake City. The tower was patterned after similar towers Mr. Anderson had seen in Scotland as a young boy. They were known as “follies.” It was constructed of gray granite from the same quarry used to supply the granite for the Salt Lake Temple. The circular three-story structure, located at 303 A Street, was 54 feet high and 25 feet in diameter. Inside the austere tower was a winding stairway that led past numerous windows to the observation deck equipped with a telescope. People were charged a small fee to climb to the top for the view. The venture was unsuccessful, and Anderson opened the tower free to the public until vandalism forced its closure. For forty-eight years Anderson Tower stood as an imposing, picturesque landmark on the Avenues, visible from many parts of Salt Lake Valley. This ended in November of 1932 when the tower was razed and the land leveled. This monument stands approximately where the tower stood and the base is built with granite blocks originally used in the tower.

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