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Lake Shore was part of the Spanish Fork Indian Farm from 1854 to 1865. A few settlers were here in the early 1860s and many came from 1870 to 1900 who have descendants living here today.

In 1880 the Spanish Fork West Branch was formed with about 25 families. On June 12, 1886 a ward was organized and our town was named Lake Shore. The boundaries are West Mountain, Utah Lake, Spanish Fork River and 1/4 mile South of 6400 South. The first church dedicated in 1892, was where the chapel is today.

In 1881 the 60 owners of irrigation water were farmers who raised various crops, beef and dairy cattle. Wild grass was harvested on the many pastures.

In 1881 the first public building was the Blue Adobe School, three more buildings and also Furguson Hall were used as schools. The Lake Shore School was built on this spot and used for students up to 8th grade from 1922 to 1987. The original bell and sign from the Lake Shore School are on this monument.

In 1930 the population was 464. July 13, 1980 Lake Shore had 670 people and was divided into two wards. June 17, 2000 population was 861 when this monument was dedicated.

Next to the monument with the bell is a commemorative drinking fountain for the first artesian well driven in this part of the Country, the rig was fashioned by Joseph Francis and with the help of his brother, Samuel, the well was driven in 1877 on the Samuel Francis homestead one and three fourths miles west of this spot.