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Harris Home
310 North State Street
This is one of the original “Stringtown” homes built along State Street around 1865. The builder and original owners are unknown. The house was owned by Harriet and Joseph Harris during the first half of this century and this small home was often the site of dances and other social events. At one time the house was slated for demolition. The bulldozers were on the site. Pam Dain, a Lindon resident with an interest in historic architecture and antiques, was driving her school bus (with no children aboard) when she saw the demolition crew at the home. She pulled the bus between the house and bulldozers and asked the operators to wait until she could make a few phone calls. Pam single-handedly saved one of Lindon’s few remaining examples of architecture of the earliest period of Lindon’s history.
The home was eventually dismantled and the stones were used to construct the pioneer home that sits in Pioneer Park at 150 South 500 East.

The old Harris Home

The old Harris Home

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