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Lindon Elementary School – Main Street and Center Street

In 1900 the settlers of Lindon voted to erect a new school on the corner of what is now Main and Center, and a four-room school and well were built, at a combined cost of $5,200. There was not any indoor plumbing; the students had access to outdoor privies. Wilford W. Warnick was the first principal of the school.

During the years between 1911 and 1935 an addition was built onto the school which included four more classrooms, a furnace room, and indoor restrooms. The children and teachers alike appreciated the new modern facilities.

In 1943 when Geneva Steel was established, the school population soared; hallways were converted into classrooms and some teachers had as many as 58 pupils.

On Christmas night in 1948, a fire began in the furnace room of the school and caused considerable damage. The destroyed areas were rebuilt in September 1949, with the addition of lavatories, a kitchen, and a lunch room.

In the summer of 1966 the old school was torn down, including the additions, and a new school was built to accomodate the growing population of Lindon. The new school cost $510,000 and was dedicated November 6, 1967.

Lindon Elementary School and its grounds have truly been an asset to the community, serving our young people well over the years and helping them to make valuable contributions to our society.