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The Amusement Hall
150 North State Street in Lindon

The Lindon Amusement Hall once occupied this site. Constructed in 1900, it was built in a shape resembling a “T,” with overall dimensions of 70 feet by 30 feet. The exterior walls were made of rustic lumber, and the interior was lined with ceiling lumber.

On the east end, a stage was situated about three feet above the hall floor. The curtain was canvas, handpainted
with an outdoor scene of a girl sitting beside a standing boy playing a violin. The curtain would roll up on a large roller and lights would rise up through holes in the floor, giving the effect of floodlights. The hall was the setting for three-act plays, one produced each month of the winter. Silent films were shown on Thursdays, and often three dances were held per week.

Even though the hall was not elaborate, it was a place for people from all over Utah County to gather and have good time.

Around 1940, the hall was converted into a cannery. Many different types of produce were canned, tomatoes being the most common.

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