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Fage Home
400 North 566 East in Lindon
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George Jacob Slaugh homesteaded 160 acres in Lindon. He gave 10 acres to Frederick William Fage and his wife Mary B. Slaugh Fage.
Frederick Fage and his father-in-law started building this house in 1899. They traded fruit for lumber from Heber City, and George Slaugh provided a pug mill to make the adobe and the regular bricks. The whole family and many neighbors helped with building the house, but Frederick did all the woodwork. The beautiful staircase, which is still standing, is his masterpiece.
Frederick and Mary moved into the home in 1901 with six girls and later had a boy, George Frederick Fage. George took over the farm at the age of seventeen when his father died. Later George married Olive Bird, and they took care of his mother until she passed away. Prior to the death of his mother, George and Olive purchased the farm. George and Olive raised three children all born in the Fage home. Their son Paul B. Fage and his wife Diane moved
into the old home in 1978, becoming the third generation of Fages to live in the home.
Paul and Diane raised six children in the home and still reside there, considering the house a wonderful heritage.
The house has four large bedrooms, a dining room, parlor, a porch and a cellar for storage. The pantry was made into a bathroom and a furnace was installed in 1956.
The home now sits on one and one half acres along with a barn and two chicken coops.