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The Ute Indians crossed this land since time immemorial.  Chief Taby and Poteetneet crossing with their tribes each spring and fall.

Captain Fremont passed this way in 1843.  John A Lawrence Pace and William Franklin Pace first looked down upon this land from the top of Billie’s Mountain (North) in 1852 while their father was at State Legislature from Spanish Fork.  They called it Little Paradise Valley.  The Grass grew 4 foot tall over all this land.   A.C. Dean squatted on it in 1859 and irrigated and farmed 15 acres.  William Franklin Pace bought him out in 1865 and increased it to 40 acres of irrigated land.

John Alma Lawrence Pace bought it from him for 150 head of cattle in 1872.  He named it U-Pace-O Ranch.  He increased irrigated land to 80 acres.

Alfred L Pace acquired part of farm in 1907 and all of it in 1926.

Robert C. Pace acquired part of it in 1944 and rest in 1960.

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