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On Temple Square, just north of the east end of the south visitor center.

“An astronomical station, its stone base still standing 100 ft. N. and 50 ft. W. of this corner was established by George W. Dean, U.S.C.&G. survey, September 30, 1869, to determine the true latitude and longitude; it was used to obtain correct time at this point until December 30, 1897.” (from the plaque on for the Great Salt Lake Base and Meridian)

Marker Information

Placed By:Not Available
Date Placed:1869
Materials:Engraved in the stone
Marker Condition:Excellent
Monument Information

Constructed By:Not Available
Materials:Cut sandstone block
Dimensions (base):2′ Square
Additional Information

Surveyor’s Name:Kate Wacker
Surveyor’s Organization:USHS
Date Surveyed:1995-11-14