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A gorgeous 100+ year old chapel in Salt Lake City, the 24th ward chapel was built in 1907 and is located at 700 North and 200 West. The church sold it in 1969.

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“The 24th Ward (new) was organized February 4, 1906, from the north part of the 19th Ward. Immediately after the organization of the ward, the erection of a substantial brick and stone chapel on the triangle at the junction of Wall St. and 1st West St. was commenced. To this chapel, which originally cost $17,000, improvements and additions have since been made so that it now has an auditorium with a seating capacity of 500 persons. In the basement is a spacious amusement hall.” William Wood Jr., the first
Bishops of the ward, served nearly 25 years until 1925. The chapel continued in use until the 1970’s when it was sold by the church.

The old 24th IDS Ward is a two-story asymmetrically planned brick structure. The original tan brick has been painted white. The plan and elevation include curved and rectilinear elements and the roof is multiply hipped and gabled. The main gable has a recessed arch enclosing a round arched windows flanked by rectangular lights. The gable features shingle siding. A square tower over the entrance has a hipped roof and round arched windows. Windows have massive concrete sills and lintels. In the south an addition has been made. Modifications have occurred to turn the building into a school facility.