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Brigham Young Industrial Center

Built on a 200 acre farmland north of Parley’s Creek and east of 20th East between the years of 1849-1852, it was the largest grist mill in the Utah Territory. It operated between 1852-1857 and was shut down in 1857 due to the entrance of Johnson’s U.S. Army. The mill was operated by means of a large water wheel located on the northeast corner of the mill. Water in turn was conveyed by a mill race from Parley’s Creek (just east of Suicide Rock) approximately one mile to the spillway and onto a twelve foot diameter water wheel. The shaft of this waterwheel conveyed take-off power for belt drive to the Industrial Center’s machinery. Following in 1857 start-up, the milling equipment was removed in 1863 and the plant was changed over to a cotton mill and then a woolen mill until its demise by fire.

The marker for Golden Pass Road is at this same location.

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