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The Salt Lake “Orem Line” – extended south from Salt Lake City through the City of West Jordan, at this location, and to Payson, a distance of 67 miles.
A branch line of nine miles in length served the town of Magna. Service between Salt Lake City and Provo was established early in the year 1914.
July 18, 1915, twenty trains a day ran to Springville. By July 1, 1916, these runs extended to Spanish Fork, Utah. May 20, 1916, saw the last day of rail-laying on the main line to Payson.
With the end of World War I, automobiles and trucks began to be in common use, and Salt Lake and Utah R.R. business, both passenger and freight, began to suffer.
July 24, 1925, Salt Lake and Utah R.R. entered receivership. Henry I. Moore of Salt Lake and D.P. Abercrombie of Boston were appointed receivers.
Court orders dated July 31, 1937, and December 17, 1937, ordered receivers to sell all properties of Salt Lake and Utah R.R. to the highest bidder.
Although the receivership and foreclosure sale of the new company had received a lot of problems, the operating revenues of $717,678 were in the red $44,489. By the end of 1945, the deficit had grown to $220,000. Competition of subsidized highway transportation, both public and private carriers, made it impossible to compete.

The Salt Lake and Utah R.R. was dead physically and legally. In June, 1946, the UPSC gave its permission to abandon S.L. & Utah R.R. Receiver J. Quinney granted authority to sell the company property for salvage. He realized $1.10 for each $1.00 invested.

Note: This plaque is on the opposite side of the same structure as the Utah Idaho Sugar Company Factory, SUP #12 in Veterans Memorial Park in West Jordan. In 2013 the structure had crumbled and was rebuilt by the Chapter from the same materials.

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