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Wilford Woodruff’s Farm 1850

Location: 1604 South 500 East, SLC

SUP Historic Marker #137, see others here.

Wilford Woodruff’s Farm was 20 acres located between Kensington Ave. (about 1500 South) and 1700 South and 300 East to 500 East. This rich farmland was irrigated with water from Parleys Creek and Emigration Creek. Wilford Woodruff farmed here for over 45 years, providing for his family. He also grew numerous experimental crops. His journal makes reference to wheat, potatoes, cotton, sugar cane, melons, currants, madden, indigo, strawberries, apples, grapes, and “bushels of crickets”.

Wilford Woodruff, one of the first pioneer settlers of the Salt Lake Valley,  was the fourth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He and other Mormon Pioneers came here to escape persecution for their religious beliefs. Four of the original Woodruff family homes remain on 500 East and 1590, 1604, 1622, and 1636 South.

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The Farmhouse

The Wilford Woodruff Farmhouse was built in 1859-1860.  It is a two-story log home designed in a pioneer Classical style, which includes hand-hewn logs, adobe brick, square nails, and plaster mixed with horsehair.  It is still on its original foundation located on what was once a twenty-acre farm.

Wilford Woodruff was a pioneer in the first company of settlers in the Salt Lake Valley.  He became the fourth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He lived in this house from 1865 to 1891 with his wife Emma, but also had other residences.  It was while residing here that he issued the Manifesto in 1890, officially ending the practice of plural marriage in the Church.  Wilford Woodruff helped build the Salt Lake Temple and dedicated it in 1893.  He was also well known as a missionary, historian, and legislator.  Additionally he was a prominent horticulturist, serving as president of the Deseret Agricultural and Manufacturing Society for many years.

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