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Layton’s First Post Office

The Layton area was originally part of Kaysville City, and all mail was delivered to Kaysville for pickup at the Kaysville Post Office. In 1882 the Farmer’s Union Store was established. Local residents made arrangements to receive their mail at this store. This was an extra service extended to customers.

In September 1885 and again in April 1886, applications for a “Special Post Office” to service the area that is now known as Layton. Terms of the application stated that mail was to be delivered via the Utah Central Railway to the Kay’s Creek Station. The new post office in Layton would service about 600 people. The first application listed the name of “Layton”; the second petition listed “Layton” first choice and “Thornley” as an alternate choice.

William A. Hyde was officially named as the first United States Post Master of the Layton Post Office on June 11, 1886. The post office was located on this site at 52 North Main Street. Hyde served as Post Master until 1894. Carpenters remodeled William Hyde’s store into a meeting place for the St. Jude’s Episcopal Church. The church occupied the building until 1916.

In 1917 Layton’s population was sufficient to promote the post office from a fourth-class post office to a third-class post office. In July of 1963, Layton qualified to become a first-class post office.

DUP Marker # 555, located at 52 North Main Street in Layton, for other DUP Markers visit this page.