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Located at 104 West Center Street in Provo, Utah, this historic building stands out and catches my eye when I’m nearby.

R. Spencer Hines, a pharmacist who made his money in the Tintic mines, constructed this building in 1885 as a drug store and saloon (The Palace) and rebuilt it to its present shape in 1890.  Hines was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.), the first fraternal order formed in Provo, an organization which utilized the second floor of this building during 1890-93.  In 1893 the second floor was rebuilt to create a rooming house.  The drug store continued in operation and eventually became known as Hedquist Drug Store, Ivan’s Drug, Stone Drug, Sanitary Cafe, Cozy Cafe and Provo Pharmacy.  Restaurants, such as the Vienna Cafe, have operated in the former saloon area.

See also 110-120 West Center.


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The backside of the buildings at 104 West Center Street in downtown Provo are cool looking too, I like the old ghost sign for Provo Pharmacy on the north side.

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