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Recreation Center for the Utah State Hospital

Built in 1936–1937, the Recreation Center (sometimes called the Castle Amphitheatre) is significant because it also helps document the impact of New Deal programs in Utah during the 1930s and 1940s. This structure is the second public works project built at the Utah State Hospital, the first being the Superintendent’s Residence. The Recreation Center is a three-acre facility consisting of an 800-seat stone amphitheater with attached interior rooms and an accompanying grass-covered play area. The towers and the “battlements” of various sections give the structure a castle-like appearance.

Originally, the center was significant for its important role in providing therapy through play and recreation for the patients at the Utah State Hospital. It was the first such facility constructed at the hospital. This facility is also believed to be one of the earliest and largest amphitheaters built in the state.

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