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Superintendent’s Residence

1079 East Center Street

Built in 1934, this residence is a one-and-a-half story, brick Colonial Revival style house. The Superintendent’s Residence is historically significant because it helps document the impact of New Deal programs in Utah. The Superintendent’s House is one of 232 buildings constructed in Utah during the 1930s and early 1940s under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and other New Deal programs. In 1933 Utah had an unemployment rate of 36 percent, the fourth highest in the country. For the period between 1932-40, Utah’s unemployment rate averaged 25 percent. Because the depression hit Utah so hard, federal spending in Utah during the 1930s was ninth among the 48 states, and the percentage of workers on federal works projects was far above the national average. During the 1930s virtually every public building constructed in Utah, including courthouses, city halls, fire stations, and a variety of others, were built under the direction of federal programs.

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