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Provo Burial Grounds
(Plaque A: South side)
PIONEER BURIAL GROUNDS In 1853, the original four blocks of this cemetery became the final burial ground for Provo Pioneers who were first buried in Fort Field, Grandview and Temple Hill and later moved to this cemetery. Some residents preferred to leave their dead undisturbed. The known ones were moved here: Matilda and Geo. W. Haws, Harriet M. Turner, Wm. Dayton, Joseph Higbee, Katherine Radford, Jessee McCarred, Jacob Cloward, Martha Wheeler, Jacob H. Barney, Matilda Park, Sarah and Wm. McLane, Sally Norton, Joseph Ivy, Margarett Fausett, Emily Roberts, Louisa Follett, Abisha Ware, Jos. McEwan, Mary E. Peay, and others.
(Plaque B: North side)
Other pioneer graves are: Elizabeth Baum, Mrs. Jerome Benson, Heber C. Davis, William Davis, William K. Follett, Elizabeth Sara Goodman, Joseph Moroni Goodman, John Haws, Sr., Willis Moss, O. Foster McCorroll, Ann S. D. Robbins, John Rogers Robbins, Daniel Stowell, Emma B. Thatcher, Edward Vincent.

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