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Here is D.U.P. Marker # 500, where we read of the first buildings in Palmyra, Utah.

Palmyra‘s First Amusement Hall

To the north of the little one-room schoolhouse, the people of Palmyra began building the lumber Amusement Hall on February 10, 1900. It took exactly one month to complete the building, and a dance was held in it that evening. A potbellied stove kept the building warm. There was no indoor plumbing; the outhouses were to the east of the building.
For several years, the Amusement Hall was used for church meetings and social activities, including basketball, wrestling, and dances. The Amusement Hall was used until 1933.

Palmyra’s Schools

The first school was built in the Palmyra Fort. The second school, an adobe brick building which measured twenty-four feet by thirty-two feet with a rock foundation, was built across the street in the early 1890s. The entrance was a six-foot hallway with a row of coat hooks around the wall and a shelf above for dinner buckets. There were four rows of double seats with one grade in each row – first, second, third, and fourth; one teacher taught all four grades. There was a potbellied stove in the northeast corner and a blackboard on the east wall. A flowing well was located near the east wall. Horses ridden to school were tied to a hitching post. Some children rode to school in a covered wagon. This school was replaced in 1920.