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This pioneer cabin was built in December 1907 by Henry J. McCullough and was the second house in the town of Melville. One month later January 18, 1908, the first Post Office was established and the name changed to Burtner. Adjoining this cabin, on March 5, 1908, the first store was opened for business. The first Sunday School of the vicinity was organized in this building on September 8, 1908.

This historic marker is #119 of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers markers and is located at the city park in Delta, Utah


McCullough Log House and Post Office

Constructed November 1907 – January 1908 by Henry McCullough, his two sons and son-in-law, of logs hauled 30 miles from Fillmore. Delta’s first Post Office – January 1908 – March 1912.