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Provo‘s Farrer Elementary School, now renamed to Provo Peaks Elementary School.

A plaque on a monument outside reads:

It is with pride this monument is erected in memory of all the thousands of dedicated staff and students who for seventy-three years made “The Farrer” a jewel of the Provo Community.

Farrer opened March 2, 1931 – The original cost being $126,918.00 – and quickly became an academic pillar of the County.  Farrer became known for its Excellence in Posture Parades, athletics, All-American school newspapers, fine band, orchestra, choral and technical programs, as well as being at one time the only junior high in the country with a Knapp Demonstration Library.  The Farrer Art Collection is one of the most extensive and valuable school collections in the state.

Over the years students enjoyed barn dances, field trips, the Farrer Run, cultural assemblies and very successful intramural programs.  From organizing scrap drives for the war effort to humanitarian projects directly benefiting this community, Farrer’s students and staff over the years logged thousandths of hours in service.  Farrer’s graduates have left an indelible mark in Utah and the nation.

Original Farrer Student Creed

I believe in Farrer Junior High School and in the things for which she stands – Health in body, honest work, generous comradeship and reverence in the spiritual.  I believe in achievement and I pray for forcefulness to accomplish what I set out to do.  I believe in loyalty to our school and her traditions.  I pledge upon my honor to help in all her undertakings in all that will make her a stronger and nobler school, and I promise to do all that is within my power to become a student to match our building.

1934 — 2005