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SUP #60:
This 20,000 lb. block of iron ore was formerly located five miles west of Cedar City and listed as “Iron Mines” monument by the SUP. The SUP moved the iron ore, rebuilt the monument beside it upon which the DUP plaque #222 is mounted at this current site, which was the location of the old Cedar Iron Mission Fort. The block of iron ore has no plaque.

DUP #222:
In November 1851, thirty-five men from Parowan settled Cedar City. A unique temporary encampment, composed of their wagon boxes and sage brush walls, sheltered them through the first winter. In 1853, a fort 100 rods square was built on this site. Its walls were 3 feet wide at the base, nine feet high and one foot wide on top. It covered 63 acres of ground. A city plat of 120 lots was laid out inside the walls. This monument stands on the south west corner of the fort, beside the John D. Lee Gate.

Original DUP plaque #222, on rebuilt monument #60 by SUP Cedar City Chapter 1992