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In 1856 this ground was dedicated as a site for Utah Stake Tabernacle. Construction commenced in 1863. The edifice was three stories high, 81 feet long, 47 feet wide, belfry 80 feet. Built of adobe with rock foundation 7 feet at base, 4 feet at top. A bell in the belfry called the people to church, sounded alarms, and curfew for many years. The building was dedicated by President John Taylor September 1867. It served Utah Stake until 1883 when a new Tabernacle was erected. Thereafter is was used for special occasions until 1919 when it was razed.

When I originally documented this monument is was located at the tabernacle site, N 40.23358 W 111.65968 on Center Street in Provo. In 2015 it was moved to the Provo D.U.P. Museum on 500 West in Provo, I took these photos in 2016:

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